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Don't allow a broken phone to stifle your Business

A damaged or broken phone can spell disaster for your business. Allow us to get your business phone back to perfect working order so that you can keep your business booming.

Why Choose Fone Tech Ely?

Warranty cover

We back up all of our work with a warranty.

The best prices

Fone Tech Ely Will offer you the most competitive rates around four device repairs in Ely.

Rapid repairs

You will have your damaged phone or device working again in under 24 hours, often much less.

Top-quality components and parts

We only use top-quality components and parts to repair your phone or device.

Unrivalled customer satisfaction

Providing you with 100% satisfaction is our top priority. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already used Fone Tech Ely.

What Do Fone Tech Ely Fix?

Cracked or Broken Screens

A cracked or broken screen doesn’t mean the end of your phone’s operation, but it certainly doesn’t look too good. Also, it can reduce how much enjoyment you get from your phone. We will have your screen repaired the same day you bring it to our Ely store.

Water Damage

Let’s face it, water and your phone do not mix. However, dropping your phone into water doesn’t have to give you a sinking feeling. Fone Tech Ely will be your lifesaver, resuscitating your water-damaged phone. We’ll have it back with you in working condition on the same day.

Damaged Speakers

Having a flawless screen to watch your movies or videos on is fine, but if your speakers don’t work, you may not enjoy the experience as much. If your speakers are damaged, Fone Tech Ely will get them repaired and sounding great again in around 45 minutes.

Reception and Signal Issues

Having your phone signal continuously drop out can be exceedingly frustrating. However, this is not always a network issue and is often a result of a damaged antenna. Such damage can occur if you drop your phone heavily
on a hard surface.

Broken, Damaged, or Malfunctioning Buttons

Your phone’s buttons are crucial to its operation. For instance, how would you cope without the ability to access critical features such as volume, navigation, or even powering on and off? If you have a broken, damaged, or malfunctioning button, it could render your phone inoperable.

Dead Batteries

Having to charge your mobile phone constantly pretty much removes the mobile aspect from it. There are several reasons why your phone may repeatedly need charging: ● The battery has been damaged. ● The battery has reached the end of its natural life.

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We save your time with our fast phone repairs. You will get your phone

repaired in 45 minutes or even less time.

Repair Your Phone At Fone Tech Ely

Fone Tech Ely prices are some of the most competitive around. Moreover, we will give you a service that is second to none for its quality. 

Fone Tech Ely can handle any phone repairs you might have. These include broken buttons, cracked screens, malfunctioning speakers, and replacement of any parts required.
Regardless of your brand of phone, we can repair it. We can provide a same day repair service for the following issues:


Battery and part replacement.


Headphone jack replacement or repair.


Charging port replacement or repair.


Damage screen replacement.


Button replacement or repair


Camera repairs.


On/off issues.